Shabbat is not just a day of the week; it’s an ancient, eternal invitation to change. And it all starts with stopping. Stepping away from the incessant flow of posts, tweets, emails and deadlines. Stepping away from the routine of the week so that we can start noticing again – the world’s beauty and its brokenness. So that we can remember that the reality we inhabit during the week is not the only option. That change is possible – for us, our loved ones, our world.

Join us for upcoming services — check the IKAR calendar for date and time info — and dig into these podcasts, tunes, resources and articles.

Friday Night

Hadlakot Neirot – Candlelighting (PDF)
Handwashing and Motzi (PDF)
Kiddush for Friday Night (PDF)


The Havdallah service that ends the sabbath is bittersweet: A reflection of the beauty of the holy day, and a sadness that the sacred ember is fast fading away. If Sabbath is explained by the Rabbis as a taste of the sweetness of the World to Come, the Havdallah service yearns for the era when it  finally has come… Hence the refrain Yavo!–  May it come!- Bring it on!
Ross and Hillel have been hard at work on the follow up to the JUDEO CD — here is a rough cut of Yavo: (selected verses from the Havdallah service), featuring Hillel Tigay, Ross Levinson, Jaclyn Beck and the gang.

Yavo (Havdallah)

Hear the Havdallah melody made famous by singer/songwriter Debbie Friedman.

Havdallah Blessing Guide (PDF) (from IKAR’s Mishloah Manot 5775)


Are you a beginner?
Power down during meals on Shabbat. No iPhone, no email, no problem.

Ready for more?
Go off the grid from sunset Friday to Saturday night. Tell the boss you’re in Bali.

Already a ringer?
When you power back up after Shabbes, make your first act a holy one (give tzedakah, apologize to someone you hurt, reach out to a friend who’s lonely).


Shabbat and the Possibility of Transformation, Rabbis Sharon Brous and Aaron Alexander
The Sabbath, Abraham Joshua Heschel
The Jewish Way, Irving Greenberg, chapter 5
Sabbath Manifesto
My Jewish Learning

YELP: with apologies to Allen Ginsberg’s Howl: