Daven (verb): To pray with soul. To surprise yourself in prayer.

When we started IKAR, some suggested that we stick to what’s sexy: social events and community service.  But we chose instead to dive into the fire – to try to build a community of newbies and die-hards, believers and atheists, hasids and suits – around a shared experience of Jewish prayer.

Each week, we come together to celebrate Shabbat in prayer.  Our kavannah – our intention – is to nurture and inspire, to challenge and to agitate.  We know and believe that really good, heartfelt davening can change who we are and how we see the world.  It can illuminate the darkest corners of the soul, it can stretch open the narrowest passages of the heart.  It can make you cry and it can make you dance.  It can awaken you to a deep sense of purpose, give expression to your loneliness, your grief, your yearning and your gratitude.  It can connect you to God, it can connect you to community.  It can connect you to yourself.

And, most importantly, it can surprise you.


High Holidays

Hanukkah Kavanot