Bat Mitzvah? Birthday? Yartzeit? Found an agent? Got tenure? Dog pass obedience training? Allow the community to share in your milestone by sponsoring part or all of our post-service nosh.

Here’s how nosherizing works at IKAR.


First, you let us know when you’d like to nosherize and for what occasion, and we’ll work with you to ensure that the date works out. Some dates may already be nosherized, e.g., for b’nai mitzvah. It is possible for more than one party to nosherize on the same day, as long as we all work together to ensure there isn’t overlap in terms of who’s nosherizing what.

Ideally, we have over two weeks advance notice, and you send us your final guest count (if applicable) no later than five days prior to your nosherizing date.

Caterer or IKAR?

There’s the IKAR menu as well as the option to work with our caterer partner, Kensington Caterers. Please note that we work exclusively with Kensington, and are unable to accommodate other arrangements, if you choose the caterer route. If you’d like to explore options with Kensington, please contact Richard Mooney at rmooney [at] kensingtoncaterers [dot] com.

IKAR Menu Options and Pricing

If you go with IKAR’s menu, here’s the deal. On a typical Shabbat, we have about 125 attendees, so as a nosherizer, you would sponsor food for those attendees and any additional guests you will bring in that day. You get to choose from a set menu of options that we send you in the form of a sample invoice. This sample invoice includes 3 spread options (Bagel Lunch, Bagel Lunch with Lox, and Haifa Middle Eastern Spread), dessert options, and more.

For the three main spread options, there is a base rate along with an additional charge based on how many sets of 10 additional guests you bring. So, for example, someone might nosherize a Haifa spread for 125 (typical service attendee count) plus 100 additional guests. Their invoice would be the base Haifa rate of $812.50, plus an additional $650, since for each set of additional 10 guests there this a $65 charge. The specific additional guest charge per meal option is detailed on the sample invoice.

**Please note that whenever additional guests are involved, there is a required fee for the added amount of coffee/tea, motzi/kiddush, and water/sparkling water we need to supply. For example, if you are bringing 100 additional guests, your invoice would include $50 for coffee/tea, $60 for motzi/kiddush, and $20 for water/sparkling water.

If you bring over 50 additional guests, there is also a fee for covering extra Security/Staff on site. If you intend to use the courtyard instead of the usual indoor venue, there is a usage fee of $240. All of these items are listed on the sample invoice.

Want to nosherize one of the cake desserts? (Hansen’s cake, Hansen’s cupcakes, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cake). We’ll send you a list of cake filling/frosting/ice cream flavor options, and you’ll let us know what exactly what combo you’d prefer. Please note that each of the cake options is for 100 people, so if you’re planning to bring many more guests above the typical attendance count, you may want to order multiple.


Once you’ve received a finalized invoice, you can either send a check to IKAR or use our online form to pay by credit card. Please contact IKAR staff for the form link. Once you’ve accessed the form, you can just enter the total charge in the “Other/Additional Amount” field, instead of checking off the individual options.


Please let us know about any questions or concerns you have. You can either call the IKAR office (323-634-1870) or email nosherize [at]