isaiah web-ready

You could be earning $ for IKAR. Just by being you!

For the 2nd year in a row we received a generous grant from the Diane and Guilford Glazer Foundation in support of our Isaiah fund. Who — or what — is Isaiah, you ask?

The Isaiah Initiative is IKAR’s way of honoring the great value of non-monetary contributions in improving our community and our world. For every hour that members of our community spend volunteering at IKAR or beyond, we get to redeem $18 from the Isaiah Fund and place it into our general operating budget – providing vital support for all of our work.

Our most recent grant challenged us to do 5555 hours of good work in the world – that’s $100,000 available to IKAR! IKARites have redeemed some of those hours, but we still have 3000 to go to claim the rest of the funds- and we’re determined not to let them dither away.

So if you’ve done good — signed up as a Shabbat Schmoozer, pitched in at the Thanksgiving Tikkun, even volunteered for another organization — take a second to LOG THOSE HOURS.

Go, team, go!