Love your neighbor, and love yourself. This is the whole Torah. All the rest is commentary.” // Hillel


We believe that part of our work in the world is to bridge the gap between the world as it is and the world as it ought to be. Minyan Tzedek is IKAR’s way of weaving the pursuit of justice, equality and dignity for all people into the fabric of everything we do as a community.

Our expectation is that every member of IKAR participates in the work of tikkun – healing. We invite you to join others who share your passions and interests, and help us bring real, sustainable change to our city and world.

Minyan Tzedek Paths

Feeding Our Neighbors: Serving meals, teaching and building relationships in Los Angeles

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Our tradition teaches that the restoration of dignity must stand as the foundation of all efforts to address poverty, hunger and homelessness. Join IKAR’s Feeding Our Neighbors Path in working to restore dignity and hope, as we strive to end hunger, illiteracy, isolation and homelessness in our city.

Calendar Highlights:

  • Bi-monthly meal service at PATH Westside
  • Tutoring opportunities through School on Wheels
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Tikkun

Cook or serve meals

To cook and serve meals for homeless veterans at People Assisting The Homeless Westside, please email Sara and Don at

To find the P.A.T.H. date assigned to your child’s Limudim class, or to request a date in honor of a special event, please email

Tutor and plan family events

To tutor homeless youth, please email Jordyn and Nili at for more information.

Regular planning meetings

The Feeding Our Neighbors Path meets regularly. To join in, email Sara at

To learn about our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Tikkuns or with other questions, please email Shayna Howitt, IKAR’s Community Organizer, at

Green Action: Healing our planet through education and advocacy, sustainable living, and urban gardening














We are called by our tradition to stand up and speak out to protect and sustain the natural world, and we can get to work right here in Los Angeles. We are advocates, activists, and gardeners, teaching at schools and shelters, growing a community garden that provides food to the homeless, and giving practical advice about green living. Join us to help create a more sustainable way of life. Email Alisa at to learn more.

Calendar Highlights:

  • Tu b’Shevat Seder — Nature Celebration
  • Aztec / Sukkot Festival with Proyecto Jardin
  • Quarterly campaign planning meetings
  • CicLAvia rides
  • Gardening at Proyecto Jardin

IKAR Eats Ethically Campaign

IKARites are working to ensure that our food at IKAR and on our tables is sourced ethically. Join Green Action in this work by emailing Lisa and Alisa at

Proyecto Jardin

To volunteer with IKAR at Proyecto Jardin, our gardening neighbors on the Eastside, email Alisa at

Kids’ Nature Club

To join the IKAR Kids Nature Club for children grades 1-5 with any age siblings, email Ingrid at

General Q’s or want to get a coffee? Email Jason, IKAR’s Community Organizer, at

Organizing for Change

The Organizing Path seeks racial and economic justice through local and national systemic change.

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Todd and kids







Calendar Highlights:

  • House parties, rallies and gatherings with our interfaith coalition partners, LA Voice and Homeboy Industries
  • Advocacy
  • Monthly campaign meetings (the fourth Thursday of every month)

Voter education campaign

We are currently working on our voter education campaign, which includes canvassing, phone banking, and hosting informative events. To get involved, email Marty and Rebecca at

Join our meetings

The Organizing Path meets every fourth Thursday from 7pm to 9pm. We welcome all. To join in, email Marty and Rebecca at

Global Partnership

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Our Global Partnership path advocates for international justice and bringing light and sustainability to our partner community in Katira, Uganda.

Calendar Highlights:


In the developing world, education is the single most effective way to improve children’s health and likelihood of survival, protect their dignity, and work toward a more just and dynamic society.

Since 2011, our community has been in partnership with the village of Katira, Uganda. Through Innovation: Africa, we have brought Israel-developed solar technology to the primary school, medical clinic and to the newly constructed, IKAR-funded secondary school.

To donate to Katira, click here, and in the form, designate “Global Partnership.” To get involved with building our relationship with the community of Katira, email


To get involved with our advocacy and educational efforts around refugees, email

Join our meetings

The Global Partnership Path has regular meetings. To join in, email Alex and Amy at

General Qs or want to get coffee? Email Shayna, IKAR’s Community Organizer, at