The old will be made new, and the new will be made holy.” // Rav Kook

IKAR is an idea. A way in. A community. A catalyst. A challenge. A vibe.

IKAR is a big idea: That Jewish life can be dynamic, compelling, creative and challenging. That the way we pray ought to have an impact on the way we live. That each generation of Jews needs to find an authentic way to express itself, rooted in the past but dreaming of the future.

IKAR is a way in: No judgment. Really. Newbies and ringers, seekers and cynics, activists and ambivalents; the dynamism of our community is based on its diversity. Our work is to ignite sparks and create points of access to an invigorating and purposeful Jewish life.

IKAR is a holy community: A kehillah kedoshah – a sacred collection of people working to awaken the spirit and transform the world. We are looking to bring meaning and purpose into our lives through serious and authentic engagement with Judaism. And we believe in the ability of a passionate, dedicated group of people to change the world.

IKAR is a catalyst: Reanimating Jewish life and redefining what is possible in the 21st century. We are dedicated to reclaiming spiritual and religious practice in a way that is accessible, challenging, and transformative.

IKAR is a challenge: Spiritual practice ought to challenge us to live beyond our comfort zone. The IKAR challenge is to be simultaneously wholehearted and broken-hearted—to engage deeply in the world as it is, but to always believe that things can be better. And to know that religious commitments must manifest themselves in a deep dedication to bringing healing, justice, dignity and peace to our world.